This disclosure is directed to method and system for auto­matic, distributed, computer-aided, and intelligent data col­lection/analytics, health monitoring, health condition iden­tification, and patient preventive/remedial health advocacy. The system integrates (1) distributed patient health data collection devices, (2) centralized or distributed data servers running various intelligent and predictive data analytics engines for health screening, assessment, patient health condition identification, and patient preventive/remedial health advocacy, 3) specifically designed data structures including quantized health indicator vectors, patient health condition identification matrices and patient health condi­tion vectors, ( 4) portal servers configured to interface with (5) distributed physician terminal devices and (6) distributed patient terminal devices for delivering health condition identification, health interventions and patient preventive/remedial health advocacy, and for monitoring and tracking patient activities. The various intelligent and predictive engines are configured to learn and extract hidden features and correlations from a large amount of data obtained from the distributed data collection devices.

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