WHEREAS, Lee H. Stein has faithfully and diligently served San Diego County and its citizens as a member and chair of the Stadium Authority Board of Governors; and

WHEREAS, during Mr. Stein’s tenure, he was known as the “Czar of Rock Concerts,” who booked major concerts such as “Guns & Roses”, “U2”, “Pink Floyd”, and “Billy Joel and Elton John;” and

WHEREAS, in addition to securing major entertainment acts, Mr. Stein set policies on recycling, worked closely with MTDB on the proper alignment of the light rail so the stadium and requested new contracts with the Padres and Chargers; and

WHEREAS, in his term as chair, Mr. Stein cleared the stadium’s debt by refinancing outstanding bonds, decreasing the interest rate and shortening the period for repayment; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Stein is highly recognized as a proficient and extraordinary professional who has faithfully served the Stadium Authority Board of Governors; NOW THEREFORE,

BE IT PROCLAIMED by Chairman Ron Roberts and all members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on this 13th day of September 1996 that they extend their sincere appreciation to LEE H. STEIN and, in recognition of his many accomplishments and diligent service to San Diego County and its citizens, do hereby declare this day to be “LEE H. STEIN DAY” throughout San Diego County.”

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