In order to help put the information on this website into context, and as you wander through our unique personal backgrounds, you will notice a profound history of medical challenges that altered our lives. My wife, our sons, and I have each been diagnosed with serious medical conditions, all of which are different and have no correlation to one another.

There is a consistent theme throughout: in every case we were told that our condition would be life-altering and that the current medical prognosis offered very little hope.

While we have a deep respect for physicians and appreciate the brilliance of their diagnostic and surgical skills, my family chose to accept each medical diagnosis but chose not to accept the respective prognoses.

Our philosophy of healing is the marriage of high-tech, high-touch, and holistic/lifestyle: a mix of ancient and contemporary.

We had to overcome conditions such as Ankylosing Spondylitis (Juniper), Cerebral Aneurysm (Lee), Lyme Disease (Skyler) and a Cavernous Angioma (Spencer). All cases were well documented as portrayed. Serena has also had her medical challenges, just not documented and therefore not presented.

Overcoming challenges shaped the way we approach our lives in all aspects. We learned to embrace discipline and positive resilience. We learned to directly address challenges.

You will also notice that the website shares glimpses of career and other enjoyable aspects of our unique personal histories. I am grateful for the journey and grateful to be able to share a bit with you.

Have fun and feel free to call. Anytime.