Transcript: Lee has agreed to be the first Chairman Emeritus for the SCIM. Many of you know that June and Lee found their way to SCIM through their own personal health challenges. There are no mistakes in the universe, and the stars alligned themselves strategically to bring June and Lee to meet Mimi and Rauni at a time when their vision was developing. Lee rallied people from all corners of the community to show their support for a new change in healthcare at Scripps. I attended the first assembly of the Community Advisory Board, back in October 1998 as a community volunteer. There were wall-to-wall people in the Copley Board room. This has not been an easy journey. Two different CEOs and management of SH had to be educated and persuaded to see the importance of IN. As a member of the Scripps Foundation Board, Lee keeps the mission of SCIM visible. He has also served on the Scripps Board for Emergency and Trauma Medicine at Scripps Memorial La Jolla.

Throughout the last 7 years, Lee molded multiple strategies to open doors and navigate dangerous "white water" throughout the system. He has devoted extraordinary time and energy to the development of SCIM. As Chairman Emeritus, he will be working closely with Martin and Carol Dickinson and other members of the board to expedite the creation of Phase 2 of the project.

At the opening of the Early Detection Center, we would like to honor both you and June publicly for your contribution to our success. In the setting of our board family this evening, we want to present you with this gift to express our appreciation to both you and June for being our first Co-Chairs for SCIM.

This print is called SHAMAN. The word shaman originated in Eastern Siberian and literally means "he who knows". Although it is thought to predate all organized religions, different forms of Shamanism are found all around the world and used within many traditional peoples. The Shaman is thought to be able to diagnose, cure and sometimes cause illness because of a special relationship with, or control over spirits.

In light of our local Native American ancestry, we thought this artist's interpretation meanginful and apropos.

The plaque says:

"In gratitude and appreciation to June and Lee Stein
Co-Chairs, Community Board of Advisors
Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine